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                              Spring Sessions - 2018

To Parents and Students:

As a service to you, we are now scheduling the spring sessions for all of our courses. These classes will enable students to improve reading, writing, and verbal skills performance, especially as they approach ETS testing on the PSAT’s and SAT’s. It is always of real concern to us that students improve their ability to read, write, and study effectively and critically - abilities that can significantly influence both the quantity and quality of their work both now in high school, as well as during the college years to come. 

For skilled performance on the SAT’s, and even to meet the demand of present day high school curriculums, students are experiencing an ever-increasing need for proficiency at reading, writing, and study skills. Especially in the area of reading, students now need to achieve a reading rate of 500-550 words per minute. Studies show that the average student reads at less than 300 words per minute. Work and study on the high school and college prep level requires that you be continuously up to date with your material, and prepared daily for class participation. A deficiency in reading and study skills will detract from the overall benefits of your education. Often the difference between a good student and a poor or average one rests on the difference in his reading and study skills.
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Accordingly, Modern Educational Systems will be servicing students this spring throughout the greater Boston and Providence area. Our teaching and research have helped students for 25 years now in over 70 secondary schools and colleges in the metropolitan areas of Boston, Providence, Nashua, Worcester, and New York City. Without exception, reports from every school using the program witness to students increasing their critical reading ability and verbal test-taking skills on ETS exams. Our results indicate higher scores not only on the PSAT’s and SAT’s, but also marked improvement on other nationally rating exams that students take. These include high school entrance level tests such as the HSPT and SSAT, and also the ACTS exam administered on the senior high level. 

We invite you then to consider our outstanding SAT Prep and critical reading courses. If significant improvement is needed in your child's reading and study skills proficiency, then MES can absolutely help you. If you are seeking higher performance scores in your child's verbal exams and critical reading tests, then MES is exactly what your are looking for. Contact us, and we will show you what our courses alone can do. See for yourself the outstanding and unparalleled program of instruction that is now being made available to you.

Further information, including application details, is enclosed on the registration page of this website. If you have any questions you may also call Modern Educational Systems at the Home Office Number: (508) 668-9479; or contact Mr. Michaud directly via his cell #: 508-507-0768. You may also contact Modern Educational Systems via E-mail at Feel free also to view the other pages of our website for a detailed and comprehensive overview of  MES Full Course content. Especially visit the commendations page of our website to read commendations of MES courses from esteemed educators, as well as from parents and students. Also, please see our website "Store Page" for pricing and for special discounts, as well as for further products and services which we will gladly make available to you. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon...


Doug  Michaud

Douglas P. Michaud, Ph.D.C., Ed. C.
Director of Modern Educational Systems

All who have meditated on the art of governing humanity have been convinced
that the fate of empires depends on the 
education of youth.

                            - Aristotle
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