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Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

Of all the commendations and letters of recommendation I have received over the last few months, the endorsement by former Catholic Memorial Principal, Richard Chisholm, is one that I value most highly, and one that I am most honored to receive. His affirmation of my teaching skill and his commendation for my MES courses represents a most positive review from one of the esteemed educators in the greater Boston area. It is with his permission that I publish his letter on our Blog Page as well as the Commendations Page of our website.



Douglas P. Michaud, Ph.D.C. Director of Modern Educational Systems,
Northeast Region

Letter from Richard Chisholm:

I have known Doug Michaud for more than 25 years, first as a parent and more recently as an educator. When thinking about Mr. Michaud, the initial thing that stands out is his commitment to education and his students. He is a very gifted, innovative, competent and practical classroom teacher whose top priority is the success of his students.

Most often the difference between good students and poor or average ones rests on the difference in their reading and study skills. A deficiency in reading and study skills will detract from the overall benefits of a child’s education. These abilities can significantly influence both the quantity and quality of a student’s work in high school, as well as college. Mr. Michaud’s Modern Educational System program is specifically designed to improve critical reading, writing, verbal test-taking, and study skills. Over the years students who completed Mr. Michaud’s courses at Catholic Memorial School have consistently demonstrated dramatic increases in their ability to read, write, and study effectively. Improvement in these areas is critically important as students move through school coping with numerous standardized tests.

Mr. Michaud enthusiastically presents his program every day he walks into the classroom. Each student gets his complete attention and he treats each individual with dignity and respect which he in turn expects and receives from his students. He is a creative and confident man who possesses a tireless work ethic coupled with the skills, insight and “common sense” required of a clever educator. He communicates clearly and effectively and is at ease dealing with parents or students. Mr. Michaud will go out of his way to work with families to make certain that the student fulfills all required course work in order to receive the entire rewards from his program.

I highly recommend Mr. Michaud and enthusiastically endorse the Modern Educational System program.  

Richard F. Chisholm 
Principal Catholic Memorial School 

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,

       Often a commendation comes in that is more than worth publishing. This is the case with a recommendation for MES Courses that was recently sent to a parent who is now registering her child for one of our second semester sessions. Dr. Keane at CM has been a staunch supporter of my teaching efforts and skills for many years, but only recently did he show me actual content of one of his positive reviews, which he forwarded to a Catholic Memorial parent. It is with his permission that I publish his comments on the Blog Page as well as the Commendations Page of our website.


Doug Michaud 

Douglas P. Michaud, Ph.D.C. Director of Modern Educational Systems,
Northeast Region

FYI: To any parent and/student thinking of taking our Critical Reading and SAT prep for the upcoming second semester session.

From: James Keane 
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 5:08 PM

Subject: RE: MES course

Dear Parent, 

Of course! [In response to the question as to whether Dr. Keane would recommend MES Critical Reading and SAT Prep] It is run by Doug Michaud and run here at CM. Doug has been doing this for years. It is a different approach and often quite effective at helping kids improve study skills—especially reading. I know dozens of students who have participated and found it very worthwhile. Doug is very approachable, very understanding.

James P. Keane, B.A., M.Div., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Vice Principal

Catholic Memorial School
235 Baker Street
West Roxbury, MA 02132
tel - 617-469-8048
fax - 617-325-0888

Commendations For Modern Educational Systems SAT Prep From Students of the Last Few Years:

"Mr. Michaud is the only teacher who has ever really taught me how to read"
 -Brian CM 2011

"Thank you Mr. Michaud for the time you spent with us preparing for the SAT.  These twelve classes are coming to an end, but I wish they were just beginning.  Not only did you prepare us for verbal exams, but you taught us important life lessons and motivational skills which I will use forever.  From the video picks to the readings, this class was all that I asked for and more..."
 -​Jon CM 2011

"Mr. Michaud is the best teacher I've ever had at this high school."

"I am now in my last year at Quinnipiac College. I can honestly say that study strategies and methods Mr. Michaud taught me way back in my 9th grade year have helped me not only at Catholic Memorial but throughout my college years as well.

Through all my complaining about school, teachers, and homework, my parents have incessantly reminded me that someday I would thank my teachers for all that they have done for me. To this of course I replied that such a day would never come - never, that is, before going to your class. Since the first day of this class, you would not believe the things that have been happening to me. Everything has been just falling into place for me. I have gotten so much more focused and I have broken down my academic goals into realistic steps. This evaluation cannot even begin to describe the extreme sense of gratitude that I feel for this class. Thank you so much for giving me "FOCUS-POWAH!", the desire for excellence, and the ability to see that all my dreams can come true.
  - Erin

Over the last two months I have found my SAT verbal class to be most enjoyable and exciting. With all the strategies, lesson exercises, and motivation skills, I feel I am much more prepared for the SAT test and see it in a very different light than I did before this class. The SAT is now a challenge I can handle through all the information I have gained from this course. What this course has taught me is invaluable and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I feel that it is excellently structured and would be very valuable to any student who takes it. Without a doubt this was an exciting and memorable course and I appreciate all the time that went into preparing it.
  - Jay

In this SAT Prep course I have learned a great deal. The test-taking strategies I have learned from this course that was only for two months have greatly improved my test-taking abilities. My testing confidence has gone up significantly from the time when I first took the PSAT last year as a sophomore to when I took that exam again about a month ago. But this is only the beginning. I still want to go even higher than I have so far, and this course has made it possible for me to set such goals and achieve them. This class has taught me that the more effort and concentration you put into aiming for your goal, the more you can achieve – even personal goals and cherished dreams can come true.
  - Pat (Pat went on to that higher score and then made it into a top tier college with a scholarship. Later in the same year after taking this course, he achieved the goal of becoming the State Cross Country champion.)

With all that I have learned from this course I now know that I can improve my score on the SAT considerably. The knowledge, and I dare say even wisdom, that I have gained from this course are applicable to all the challenges that sooner or later I will come across in life. Even the one lesson that practice strategies are truly powerful when coupled with motivation skills is an insight that I have already chosen to incorporate into my life. Along with so many other lessons I have received from this course, I now know I can make of my future a journey to excellence.
  - Amanda

More than anything, from this SAT course I have learned to believe in myself and never lose sight of my dreams. As a very powerful course, it has made me much more prepared for the SAT's. It has also made me want to be a better student and be on a higher level of motivation. In the light of this course I now know that I will get straight "A's" this year, and you'll be the first to know. Thank you so much for the most inspirational course I have ever had. 
  - Shannon

This course has clearly taught me that the most important step to prepare for the SAT's, or to achieve any dream in life, is to focus on the goal rather than the obstacles. Clearly the difficulty of the SAT can be seen as an unconquerable mountain. This course, however, has taught me that this mind-set will get me nowhere. I greatly appreciated the class where we compared preparing for the SAT as climbing a mountain one step at a time. By focusing only on the five feet of ground at my feet, and conquering only that step and then the next step with confidence, I will eventually find myself even at the peak of the highest mountain. This course has empowered me to successfully take each step I need to take in order to achieve a high score on the SAT, or for that matter, to reach any goal I set my mind and heart to accomplish.
  - Peter (Peter went on to achieve that "high score". In fact, according to his own testimony, and using the concentration exercises and motivation skills of our course, his "high score" was a perfect "800" on the verbal component of the SAT.)

This course has helped me realize that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Often on the PSAT's in the past, I got very confused and did not know the skills required to do exercises effectively. After taking this course, I know I can answer both the reading questions and the sentence completion questions with the strategies I have been given. I feel if I practice them the questions will actually be very easy on the real test. After taking this course, I now know how to practice, and even how to motivate myself. Taking this course has opened my eyes to the potential for excellence I truly have inside me.
  - Carly

This course has given me so much positive motivation. If I had not taken this course, there is no way I would have the motivation and discipline I now have. The lessons learned in this course have helped me not only in relation to SAT Prep, but also with schoolwork and with my training in track. If I can run ten miles in one day, I can learn ten vocabulary words each day as well. There have been so many lessons in this course that will help me to reach my maximum potential, not only when I take the SAT's, but in life as well. 
  - Christie

This course has motivated me in so many ways. I have learned so many lessons that have brought me to my highest level of confidence ever. I have begun more than ever to focus on my dreams and to think big about my future and the possibilities that lie ahead for me. I have begun working harder academically and training harder athletically. The motivation I have received from this course has been so important, and has served as a great tool empowering me to focus with confidence on my real dreams for my future. 
  - Mike

This class has definitely helped me to prepare for the SAT's. I strongly believe that by using the strategies I have learned, I will be able to achieve a truly high score on this exam. The course has taught me the importance of "Focus Powah"! It has taught me the importance of excellence, the importance of desiring excellence, and the importance of doing whatever it takes to achieve it. I now have the confidence that I can keep my focus on the goal of excellence on the SAT, and if I do, I will have the power to get beyond whatever cost, cross, crisis, and challenge that may stand in my way.
  - Kate (Kate went on to that "high score". She became a "Merit Scholar", and a year later was "Valedictorian" of her graduating class.)

I hope you've enjoyed perusing these evaluations. There are hundreds more like them available for your reading and review. The students mentioned all come from the Boston-Providence areas and their commendations far exceed the brief excerpts included here. Why not inquire further into a course that merits such reviews? Why not inquire further into what has been the program of choice for over 70 schools in the metropolitan regions of New York, Boston, and Providence? Why not inquire further into a course called by an Ursuline parent, "the best kept secret in New England"; or for that matter, called by an Attleboro parent, "the best $ 450 investment she ever made"? 


Douglas P. Michaud, Ph.D.C.
Director of Modern Educational Systems, 
Northeast Region