Level II -- ADVANCED COURSE: Accelerated Scanning Strategies & Literary Skills for SAT Writing Component

Modern Educational Systems
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The student finishes the verbal skills and test taking strategies of Level II, with increased proficiency in answering all types of actual SAT verbal component questions. Even the vocabulary lists alone are worth a minium of a 100 point increase in performance scoring results. Students are taught vocabulary skills without extensive memorization procedures. They are exposed to increased concentration skills; reading for main ideas; skimming and scanning; study and test taking methods in depth; and increased memory tools and techniques. Students have reported on a normative and consistent basis vastly improved ability at both reading and verbal skills, as well as exam taking. We are committed to these results for your student or additional training will be provided at no additional charge.

Detailed Summary of Level II:
1. Primary emphasis on Application of Critical Reading and Thinking Skills to SAT level readings, to the Sentence Completion Questions and to the Writing Skills Questions on the PSAT and SAT verbal.

2. Continued focus on reviewing, reinforcing, and developing further the basic skills of Level I, as they specifically apply to increased proficiency in verbal skills exams. These are as follows:
Better Comprehension Building Vocabulary
Critical Reading and Analysis Literary Analysis Skills
Passing Exams Proper Eye Movement
Getting the Main Idea Better Memory
Structure of Reading Material Educated Guess Method
Skimming Advanced Scanning Strategies

Effective Writing Skills:
 Sentence Error Identification Strategies:
  Redundancy Misplaced Modifiers
  Diction Errors Parallel Construction

  Paragraph Improvement Strategies:
 Transitional Devices
  Content Improvement Questions
  Revision Questions

"The Promp" - Theme Related Strategies in Writing

3. MOTIVATION SKILLS: This is a key component of Level II. Modern Educational Systems is the only school to include the teaching of motivation skills as a part of the preparation of higher SAT scores.

Level II Advanced Course