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Level I Basic Course

Level I is designed to develop critical reading skills and verbal exam test-taking skills. This focus is chosen specifically with a view to higher performance scoring ability for your student on the whole range of nationally rating exams your child will face over the next few years.
In fact, Modern Educational Systems offers the only prep course for increased proficiency in verbal skills exams, that targets the increased reading skill needs that will be required by students particularly on the PSAT and SAT’s.
With respect to the critical and urgent need for increased reading skill on the part of students across the U.S., consider the seriousness of the following research results. Consider too the many advantages and benefits below that only MES courses have to offer. 
Independent research by private organizations and major universities across the nation has produced some startling figures and conclusions:
1. Twenty-three percent of college freshman dropouts are due to inadequate reading and study ability. 
2. A minimum level of performance of 500 words per minute is necessary for a student on the high
  school and college levels to cope adequately with curriculum reading assignments.
3. Efficient reading and study are no longer a luxury but a vital process necessary to academic success.
  Reading is the fundamental tool of learning. Better readers achieve more.
  4. Students incapable of reading for high comprehension in the 300-500 wpm speed range, will be hard pressed even to finish the verbal component sections of the PSAT and SAT’s within the allowed time limits.
All students face a similar problem. Therefore, we have selected Modern Educational Systems, a professional teaching and research organization, to staff and conduct a reading and study skills program for our students.

All instruction in the 18 hours of Level I is on an individualized basis. Cooperative counseling with our Guidance Office and faculty will help to insure maximum benefit to the student with regard to application of techniques to school work. An important feature of the program is that the students will be trained on their own school textbooks. There is little practice required outside the class and eight of the 18 hours can be devoted to reading actual school texts. Reading rate will be doubled in only 6 hours, thereby reducing outside reading time by 50%. Thus, the 18 hours are not in addition to a student's efforts but inclusive of them. The main objectives of Level I are to train the student to read at speeds equivalent to thought and to develop a personally effective study procedure. Some areas covered in Part I are: Critical Reading and Analysis, Reading and Thinking, Visualization, Note-taking, Outlining, Difficulty Reading and other pertinent areas. Each student will be further trained in the skills of test taking, retention of information, and the relationship of reading to the learning process.