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  • SAT Prep

  • Rapid Reading

  • Scanning Strategies

  • Skills for SAT Writing Component

  • Essentials Principles for Effective Study

  • Motivation Skills

Courses offered in tutorial or class environment.
MES—Dedicated to the pursuit of your maximum performance potential.

In a word – You. You are the secret to your own success! Let Modern Educational Systems guide you to unleashing that dynamic You within, already poised for success. With Modern Educational Systems’ SAT prep Boston MA area students can now develop the requisite skills to drive their SAT performance to the highest level.

With our introductory critical reading course, you will dramatically increase your reading rate and comprehension. Lessons in this course are designed to help students reach 350 and even 500 words per minute at consistently high rates of comprehension. Educators and testing experts agree that success on the SAT is dependent upon solid sight reading skill. Students are amazed at how quickly and easily they can dramatically increase their sight reading rate with a little practice of the methods used in this course. This critical reading course will also help you to develop a range of study skills vital to SAT success. In the advanced reading skills class, you will put to work the increased ease and comfort you’ve gained with reading, achieving new levels of comprehension, concentration, critical analysis, organization and memory. In this advanced reading skills class you will develop new strategic reading skills, SAT writing skills, and perhaps most importantly, a unique set of motivational skills.

Parents and students of the New England area, Modern Educational Services is situated to help you with your SAT prep needs — now serving families with SAT prep courses in Boston MA, as well as Worcester and Fall River, MA, and Woonsocket and Providence, RI.

Need programs specifically designed to improve critical reading, writing and verbal test-taking skills!

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MES is the only critical reading and SAT Prep school that targets the imperative need today for more rapid reading performance.

          Let MES make it happen for you!
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